Pumpkin Season 2017 is over.

Pumpkin season is all about family fun here on Cuff Farms! We are open during the week to scheduled groups only, see ‘Group Trips’ if interested.  We are open to the public on weekends.  Typically, we open the last weekend of September and go through October.  We offer tractor rides out to the field where you can pick your own large pumpkin, two mini pumpkins, two gourds, and two pieces of colored corn for $10 a person. (Weekday price for reserved large groups is $8/person ) 2 and under is free, otherwise if you ride you pay, no exceptions.  We also have these items and more for sale in our shed.  There you can also find canned items such as pickles and jams, honey, maple syrup, concession food, and some fall crafts.

You and your family can spend the day playing for free on the farm.  We have a picnic area in our barn along with a corn pool that the little ones will love.  We have a large corn maze, small bale maze, straw slides, a combine slide, a duck racer, and rock n’ rollers.  Every year we try to add something new.  It’s fun for the whole family!

If you are planning a visit be sure to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and to wear sturdy shoes.  Dress appropriately for the weather and fun farm activity!  We have port-a-potties and NO heated or air conditioned buildings.  We accept cash and check.  We have an ATM available as well.  Also, we love dogs but please keep yours at home.  We are able to accommodate handicap.  We have wheelchair accessible port-a-potties and a ramp to load on the tractor wagon if requested.  Hope to see you out here!



Pumpkin collage

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