How Many Days?


How many days until those strawberries are ready?  That’s a question we are beginning to ask ourselves since the snow has melted.  As the weather warms we become busier here on the farm.  We are looking forward to our asparagus crop that will come sometime in spring and of course it’s never too early to prepare for strawberry season!  If it stays warm we are anticipating an earlier crop, but it’s too soon to tell.  MMmmm can almost taste it…  When do you think those strawberries will be ready?  If you guess right or get the closest guess we will give you a free flat of berries come summer!

13 thoughts on “How Many Days?

  1. hmmm…..June 7th? Can’t wait!!! The “staff” is always so friendly. Our 1st year my oldest was in a wheelchair for a broken femur and they were sooooo accommodating! Has us back every year!

  2. June 9th! My son talks about tractor rides at the pumpkin patch all the time and can’t wait for strawberries.

  3. How about June 12th for the first strawberry picking day. I come every year and bring a new generation of pickers with me. Keep it going-one of the things that makes Wisconsin special in the summer.

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