Other Products

We also have several specialty products we sell on the farm during our strawberry and pumpkin season.

Raw Honey

Our most populat product is raw filtered honey from Knox Bee Farm in Neenah, WI.  Many have said it is the best honey they have ever tasted and we agree! Some of their hives are kept on the farm because the honey bees are crucial for pollinating our strawberry crop. The honey is very reasonably priced at $10/quart and $5/pint.

Pickled Asparagus

Our pickled asparagus is also a favorite.  We use fresh asparagus grown without herbicides or pesticides here on the farm and pickle it with fresh dill, garlic, and spices.  $8/jar (pint and a half)

Strawberry Jam

Of course with all our strawberries we make some jam!  The recipe is an old Cuff family favorite using just strawberries and sugar.  Try it on ice cream, your peanut butter sandwich, or straight from the jar.  Our strawberries are grown without any chemicals as well.  $4/ half pint jar.

Maple Syrup

100% real maple syrup is our newest endeavor on the farm.  The sap is taken from trees here on the farm and boiled down to golden syrup and bottled on location.  Our syrup has a wonderful buttery light maple flavor.  $10/pint.  SOLD OUT 2017 SEASON,  We will have other local maple syrup available for sale for 2017 pumpkins.

Other Fall Items

If you visit during our pumpkin season you will also find other select canned products done by us and other local people such as raspberry jam and dill pickles.  Besides canned items we offer mums, honey crisp apples, select seasonal produce, and some fall craft items that can be found and purchased in our shed.